I had just watched a particularly disturbing news report about The Presumptive Republican Nominee Who Shall Not Be Named when I came upon a story about an artist named El Seed whose work combines three¬†of my favorite things: graffiti, arab culture and the urban landscape. In these dark political times, it’s wonderful to be reminded that¬†creative vision and humanity¬†still thrive.

Check out this¬†video about his piece entitled¬†“Perception”:

As one travels up the hill, the perspective and the artwork change. How sick is that?!

Here he is talking about his work:

He¬†makes me miss Egypt and stokes the wanderlust — and desire to commit to my own creativity — that’s been just below the surface¬†since I got home form Paris.

I started following El Seed¬†on Instagram and came across this photo of a moment I think is so joyful and beautiful. It’s¬†the kind of shot I always¬†strive¬†for.
Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 11.41.23 PM